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Your feet are intended to last you a lifetime and take you where you want to go. For these reasons, foot care is an important part of your overall health and wellbeing. More than that, though, a healthy set of feet and ankles will allow you to do the activities that you enjoy doing. When problems develop in your lower limbs, you need to go somewhere you can find the answers you need – you need to come see us at Premier Podiatry Group, P.C.

If you have aching feet, trouble walking, or are experiencing any pain in a foot or ankle, it’s a sign something needs to be addressed. The good news is that the team at our Ebensburg & Johnstown podiatrist offices provides effective treatment for a wide range of common (and some not-so-common) foot and ankle problems. We are dedicated to helping everyone who comes through our doors overcome whatever foot or ankle problems they may have.

To best serve you, we offer an array of different podiatric services. From general foot care to sports injuries to heel pain, we will diagnose your condition and provide you with specific, targeted treatments.

A Few Conditions We Treat and Services We Provide

We treat patients like you for many different foot and ankle issues. A few of our areas of expertise include:

Heel Pain/Plantar Fasciitis – Heel pain is quite common. In part, this can be explained by the fact that it has many different potential causes. Treating this issue requires an accurate diagnosis to determine the underlying issue. Plantar fasciitis is the most common heel pain culprit.

Sports Injuries – Sports of all kinds are hard on the feet and ankles. There is a fair amount of risk of both overuse and traumatic injuries from physical activities. The right treatment not only repairs damage and eliminates pain, it also reconditions your limbs to handle the pressures and impacts from your activities.

Running Injury Prevention – Running is a great sport, and one about which our team at Premier Podiatry Group P.C. is particularly passionate. As such, we know all the painful problems that can sideline you from your run. The right care will get you back on the trail and training your best.

Bunions – These are particularly common with middle-aged adults. Years of wearing ill-fitting shoes can contribute to bunion formation. Conservative care can alleviate discomfort and prevent the problem from getting worse. Surgery may be recommended for more severe cases to correct the wayward toe.

Hammertoes – This painful problem in which the toe is abnormally bent can make wearing shoes difficult. Depending on your case, conservative treatments might be enough to straighten out the bent toe.

Skin and Nail Conditions – Having healthy skin and nails is about more than just looking good – it’s about feeling good and being healthy as well. We treat such conditions as athlete’s foot, plantar warts, ingrown and fungal toenails, and more.

Minimally-Invasive Procedures – Some conditions don’t respond to conservative care and need surgery to truly heal. Minimally-invasive procedures are a way of providing the surgical care your foot needs, but without creating a large incision. This helps you recover quickly and get back to your active life. One example is our talotarsal dislocation HyProCure® (see below for more information on this advanced treatment).

Diabetic Foot and Wound Care – The effects of diabetes on feet can result in dangerous wounds. Regular inspections, the right shoes, exercise, and hygiene are all crucial for maintaining your foot health. If you do develop a diabetic wound, you need immediate care to prevent infections and help it heal.

HyProCure® to Correct Overpronation

Talotarsal dislocation is an ankle problem that can cause alignment issues and pain in joints higher up the leg, as well as contribute to overpronation in the feet. Most treatments for this deal with the symptoms without treating the problem itself. A minimally-invasive procedure with HyProCure®, however, can realign the ankle and correct the condition, reversing your symptoms and restoring your strength.

Professional Foot Care

You don’t have to live in pain, and you shouldn’t! Your feet are your foundation and—when they are strong, healthy, and functional—set up the rest of your body for success. With pain-free feet, you are able to enjoy activities with your family, play sports, work, and stay independent. So, if problems develop, come see us.

Dr. Carlos Barra, Dr. Maureen Ratchford, and our staff at Premier Podiatry Group P.C. can help you and your loved ones maintain healthy lower limbs for a lifetime. Just contact our office for an appointment. We are happy to serve our local community, as well as surrounding towns like Northern Cambria, Patton, Carrolltown, Portage, and Johnstown. You can reach us by calling, (814) 472-2660 or by using our online contact form.