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Best Hikes (and Runs) in Ebensburg

(814) 472-2660Call or Click Here to Request an Appointment Traffic jams, honking horns, ringing cellphones – there is plenty of chaos to keep us busy throughout our days, and with it comes so much stress. All those deadlines you have to meet, all those soccer...

How Effectively Can We Treat Bunions?

(814) 472-2660Call or Click Here to Request an Appointment A bunion is one of those conditions that some people feel they just have to endure “as is” for the rest of their lives. It has been a rotten companion for years or even decades, so what can really be done...

What We’ve Learned Coaching Kids’ Sports

(814) 472-2660Call or Click Here to Request an Appointment We dispense plenty of podiatric care and advice from our office. However, it is always worth reminding ourselves that the recommendations we make here in our professional “bubble” aren’t always quite as easy...

A New Year Can Mean New Hope for Your Heel Pain

facebooktwitterpinterest(814) 472-2660Call or Click Here to Request an Appointment We don’t really need to turn a calendar page to start a period of goal pursuit or renewal. But, as human beings, a new year can be a big help in reminding us that many things we take...

Why You Need the Right Pair of Winter Boots

facebooktwittergoogle-pluspinterest(814) 472-2660Call or Click Here to Request an Appointment Many people love winter. Some would rather hibernate until spring. Regardless of your feelings on the season, however, it’s important that you equip yourself with the right...

5 Signs Your Feet Might Need Orthotics

facebooktwittergoogle-pluspinterest (814) 472-2660 Call or Click Here to Request an Appointment   When asked who needs custom orthotics, a common answer many people immediately turn to is: someone else. Surely you couldn’t need custom orthotics, right? Those are only...

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