Sports Injuries

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Whether you play professionally, for your school, or just for fun, nothing beats the thrill of the game. Sports are fun, they’re great for your body, mind, and overall health.

But sports can also be hard on the body and can contribute to painful injuries. Sometimes this happens because we don’t take the proper precautions or listen when our bodies tell us to slow down. Other times, it’s just bad luck.

Because running and jumping puts so much stress on the lower limbs, the feet and ankles are often the victim of sports-related injuries. It also makes them difficult to treat on their own. Any foot or ankle injury suffered in competition should be evaluated and treated by our team at Premier Podiatry Group for a better recovery.

Sports Injury Treatment

At Premier Podiatry Group, we treat all sports-related injuries of the feet and ankles, including:

With any sports injury, the goal is bringing about quick healing and smart rehabilitation so that you can return to full speed as soon as possible. At Premier Podiatry Group, our team has the advanced training and state-of-the-art tools necessary to help you get there. Our comprehensive and personalized approach to sports care allows us to tailor our treatment protocols to fit each individual athlete, with innovative modalities such as custom orthoticsshockwave therapyminimally invasive surgical procedures, and more.

Sports Injury Prevention

A good athlete takes care of his or her equipment. You wouldn’t leave your cleats out in the rain, or pile a bunch of heavy things on your best tennis racket.

Well, your feet are “equipment,” too. They need to be properly protected in appropriate shoes and carefully conditioned to handle strain. Condition your feet with our beginner running tips and by performing regular stretches and exercises to improve strength and range of motion.

Remember also that different sports present different stressors for your feet. Baseball and softball involve a lot of sudden starts and stops, as well as side-to-side movement. Tennis requires a lot of rapid direction changes on a court surface. Football and soccer use cleats to dig into the ground to stabilize the feet when you run or tackle. Even games like golf can strain your lower limbs if you aren’t careful. Choose well-fitted, sport-specific shoes and condition your feet with your chosen sport in mind.

Finally, remember to listen to your body and go slow. If you’re switching sports or starting an exercise program from scratch, don’t overexert yourself. Start at low intensity, and increase a little each week as you are able.

Get the Care You Need

As runners and athletes ourselves, we understand how important quality sports injury care is to you.  If you’re concerned about foot pain from sports, let our team at Premier Podiatry Group help you. Our goal is to get you back in the game without pain. Use our website or call (814) 472-2660 to make an appointment at our office in Ebensburg or Johnstown offices.