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In spite of how much we rely upon it, we really do not give much thought to technology and how it constantly changes to improve our lives in countless ways.

From manufacturing to construction to retail services, the most advanced technologies are used to improve processes. Of course, some of the most impressive advancements humans make come in the field of medicine. Our medical community is continually finding new, innovative ways to diagnose, treat, and even prevent medical problems.

Premier Podiatry Group is committed to staying on the forefront of medical developments and technologies.

MLS Laser Therapy

A major example of our dedication to advanced medical treatment—and one we are quite proud to offer for you and our other patients—is the Multiwave Locked System (MLS) laser treatment we provide for an array of foot injuries.

Depending on your case, we may recommend this technology to treat the soft tissue injury causing pain, discomfort, or impairing your ability to do your favorite activities. If you are experiencing symptoms from sprains, strains, or other conditions that cause inflammation, laser therapy might be what you need.

The MLS laser is a noninvasive (no surgery!) technique that capitalizes on energy produced by concentrated levels of light (lasers) to promote pain relief and soft tissue healing.

During MLS laser treatment sessions, the light energy penetrates deeply into your soft tissue and reaches damaged cells. The energy stimulates natural healing processes by speeding up cellular reproduction and growth.

This advanced treatment option is particularly effective for soft tissues like muscles, ligaments, and tendons, all of which are found in great abundance in feet (and are frequently affected by sports injuries). The specific light wavelengths produced by the MLS laser initiate strong anti-inflammatory responses by the cells in these tissues, which is essential for reducing swelling and pain.

When our doctors perform laser therapy, they start by outlining the area being treated, and then the laser is applied to the appropriate location in a rhythmic manner. We calibrate the MLS laser precisely to deliver energy in predetermined pulses, wavelengths, therapeutic dosages, and durations.

The continuous laser emissions and precise synchronization continue during your session to provide an effective therapeutic effect by triggering the aforementioned cellular responses. You may not be able to physically see the MLS laser working as it quickly brings your damaged cells up to an optimal condition, but you will feel the result.

There are additional benefits to laser therapy, including improved circulation to the damaged or injured area. This further aids your natural healing processes by supplying the essential nutrients, oxygen, and water to promote cellular recovery and fully nourish the cells. Additionally, you will find that this treatment contributes to reduced frequency and muscles spasms in the area.

Both chronic and acute conditions can benefit from the use of MLS. Typically, patients with chronic issues tend to experience continued improvement during the course of regular treatment sessions, particularly because the results are cumulative (they build up over time). Conversely, acute conditions are more likely to only require a singular phase of treatment. Of course, our doctors will determine what kind of program they think is the right one, and then discuss your options with you.

As if faster healing, reduced pain, and improved blood flow aren’t enough, laser therapy is also proven to be completely safe (it’s approved by the U.S. FDA), quick, and painless. Most patients who undergo a session report having no pain or other sensation during it. The average time of treatment is less than twenty minutes. Whereas some medications for certain medical conditions come with undesired side effects, there are no such known issues with MLS laser therapy.



Every day in our office, we hear stories from people dealing with some kind of painful foot condition—heel pain, tendonitis, bunions, etc. What most people don’t know is that these are often secondary issues—symptoms rather than causes.

The real issue is often feet that are flat or misaligned and cannot distribute forces in a normal, healthy manner. Treating the secondary problem alone is kind of like re-inflating a tire without fixing the leak—you might receive some temporarily relief, but the core issue remains.

We have a treatment option to resolve that core issue – HyProCure®.

The HyProCure® is a titanium stent, the approximate size and shape of a small screw. It may not look like much, but this little device has helped tens of thousands of individuals overcome painful and even debilitating pain.

In the procedure, the HyProCure® stent is inserted through a tiny incision—this is not a traditionally invasive procedure—into a naturally occurring space between the ankle and heel. Thanks to the unique titanium threading, the soft tissues in your foot quickly adhere to the stent naturally, with no screws or plates necessary.

Once in place, the device instantly realigns and stabilizes your hindfoot, moving your foot, ankle, hips, and knees back into proper alignment. Your weight is rebalanced into a healthy configuration, decreasing pressure on sensitive joints and putting very little pressure on the stent itself. You will also find improved range of motion in your ankle, and may even notice your arch return to a more normal shape.

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

Extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT), in spite of the “shock” part of its name, is not some kind of electrical treatment method. Rather, this advanced therapy uses high-energy sound waves.

The energy waves are produced by a generator that initiates electrical charges in a reflective water chamber and transmits them through a cable to the area being treated. These high energy sound waves penetrate beneath your skin to stimulate the cells of the damaged tissue. Your body’s natural healing processes are enhanced by the increased cell metabolism and blood flow from the energy waves, which results in quicker regeneration.

The treatment has been found to reduce pain in tendon and ligament disorders such as Achilles tendinitis and plantar fasciitis. Your heel pain treatment probably began with more conservative measures, such as RICE therapy, stretches, and use of custom orthotics. However, if you still struggle with unresolved pain in your heels after months of such therapy, ESWT can be a viable alternative before resorting to the final remedy of surgery.

The ESWT session lasts 5 to 10 minutes, and has few side effects when administered by our highly trained professionals. You may notice a few purple spots or bruising from a small amount of bleeding just under the skin. Localized swelling could occur, as well as a tingling feeling, or slight numbness. These will usually resolve without problems.

Custom Orthotics

When you experience pain or discomfort in your lower limbs or knees from hiking or running, but are not sure why it is happening, take a look at your feet. If you have either high arches or flat feet—and many people have one or the other—the condition is going to affect your biomechanics when you walk and run. The good news about this is that we may be able to help!

If you are having pain in the lower limbs (or even further up in the body), there’s a chance you might benefit from custom orthotics to get you back on the trails pain-free.

A pair of custom orthotics will help correct your biomechanics so that your feet go through a proper rolling motion with every step you take. This will have a positive impact on the rest of your body, especially your knees. Now, before you go out and purchase a pair of inserts over the counter or from a department store, it is important to note that they are not customized to your specific body. A better move is coming in and seeing us at Premier Podiatry Group and having your feet measured for a custom fit.

In addition to correcting high or low arches, orthotics are used to treat a variety of other ailments, as well. So if you have Morton’s neuroma, plantar fasciitis, or even bunions, we can potentially treat these other conditions with the use of orthotics, too. We’re also proud to offer Vionic brand sandals and flip flops as well for healthy and stylish feet. Ask about our options the next time you’re in the office! 

advanced treatment technology

Ultrasound Diagnostics

Since ultrasound is both fast and inexpensive, it’s a helpful tool to have when seeing patients who suffer from common foot and ankle disorders.

This technology is useful for diagnosing and visualizing connective tissue (ligaments, tendons) injuries and conditions, such as tendinitis and tendon tears. Additionally, disorders in the Achilles tendon, ankle ligaments, and other tendons (including peroneal tendons) are more easily diagnosed and tracked by using ultrasound machines.

Ultrasound also helps immensely by enabling us to view and track the progress of plantar fasciitis treatment.

Our podiatrists can use ultrasound in real-time mode as tool to ensure injections are guided into specific areas. This is particularly helpful when needing to inject medication into difficult-to-reach joints, plantar fascial insertions, or inflamed soft-tissue areas, like neuromas or bursae.

Advanced Treatment for Foot and Ankle Problems

Advanced treatment options tend to have less risk and are not as intrusive as surgery – which means no needles, anesthetics, or scars to worry about. (Of course, when surgery is the best option for resolving the problem, you can take comfort in the fact you are in highly-skilled and experienced hands!)

If you have pain in your foot and ankle, and are not finding appropriate relief from conservative treatment, one of our state-of-the-art options may help improve your situation. Call (814) 472-2660 and speak with one of our friendly staff members, or connect with Premier Podiatry Group online right now to start heading down the path to the pain relief you’re seeking.