Minimally-Invasive Procedures

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Technology doesn’t always make life easier—ask anyone who relies on a printer that is continually jamming—but advances in technology have made certain complex surgical procedures less complex. Minimally-invasive procedures take formerly-complex surgeries and perform them via tiny incisions, making elaborate ordeals much easier on you.

At Premier Podiatry Group, we are pleased to offer these less-invasive procedures to better serve you, our patients. We will take a look at the various kinds of procedures, their benefits, and the conditions we can treat with them.

Types of Procedures

There is an array of simple surgeries that have replaced the need for complex procedures throughout the years. For foot and ankle care, these can include arthroscopy, HyProCure, endoscopic, tendon debridement, tendon repair, scar tissue removal, bone fusion, and certain toe deformity correction procedures for bunions and hammer, mallet, and claw toes.

Our foot surgeons use these less-invasive techniques to operate on patients with less injury and trauma to the body than can be experienced with open surgery procedures. In general, they are considerably less risky, while allowing you to recover in a shorter time and heal with less scarring and pain. Minimally-invasive procedures are typically done on an outpatient basis or possibly require only a short hospital stay.

The first type of surgery performed by using only small incisions was laparoscopy. In this procedure, small tubes, surgical instruments, and video cameras were used. Now, we use robotic surgery with a magnified, 3-D view of the surgical site to provide great control and precision for the surgeon.

HyProCure is a treatment option we are proud to offer here at Premier Podiatry Group. In this minimally-invasive procedure, we use a specialized titanium stent to help realign feet that are out of balance. As with other procedures in this category, the incision is tiny and the procedure is performed with relative ease and often tremendous success for our satisfied patients.


The benefits of minimally-invasive procedures can include:

  • Small incisions. Whereas open surgery requires large areas to be opened, these procedures capitalize on state-of-the-art equipment that doesn’t need as much room to allow our surgeons to get the job done.
  • Less pain. Our goal is always to reduce pain for our patients and this is one of the best benefits to using these types of procedures.
  • Low risk of infection. By reducing the amount of internal tissue exposed, the risk of infection drops significantly.
  • Short hospital stays. In most cases, this is actually “no hospital stays,” but when hospitalization is needed, it is for a shorter time.
  • Quick recovery time. With less tissue trauma than open surgery, the body simply needs less time to heal.
  • Less scarring. Open surgeries require large cuts, which means high risk of scarred tissue. Minimally-invasive surgeries, on the other hand, rely on tiny incisions so you do not have major scars afterwards.
  • Less anesthesia. This benefit can certainly be physical, but it can also help to keep costs down as well.
  • Reduced post-operative complications. There are generally few complications that develop in response to these procedures, but especially when compared to those experienced following open surgery.

Minimally-Invasive Surgery at Premier Podiatry Group

Premier Podiatry Group is dedicated to providing effective foot care for all of our patients who come to us from Ebensburg and the neighboring communities. If we are able to avoid the use of a complicated surgical procedure by using a less-invasive one, we certainly will. Of course, we cannot determine the nature of your treatment path until you come see us!

Whenever you suffer from foot or ankle pain or impairment, our Ebensburg, PA podiatry office is ready to help. Call us at (814) 472-2660 for more information, or fill out our online form to request an appointment today and we will look forward to seeing you and providing the care you need.