Nonsurgical Hammertoe Correction

Most people don’t want to undergo surgery unless it is absolutely necessary. The truth of the matter is that most of us in the medical profession don’t want you to have to undergo surgery unless it is absolutely necessary, either.

The good news is that many of the foot and ankle problems we resolve for our patients are effectively treated without surgery. Even progressive conditions can sometimes benefit from conservative care. An example of this is nonsurgical hammertoe treatment.

Before proceeding, let’s take a quick look at that word “progressive.” Hammertoes—and related toe deformities like claw and mallet toes—and bunions are progressive. This has two specific points of significance when it comes to treatment. First, the condition will continue to progress in severity if it is left untreated. Second, the only way to truly correct the condition is with surgery.

Now, even though surgery is necessary to completely correct toe deformities, there are conservative options that can potentially halt progression and relieve symptoms. Our goal at Premier Podiatry Group is to address the problem for you without needing to recommend surgery, so we will exhaust these options first. (Unless your hammertoe is causing severe pain and difficulty for you.)

Some of the possible options for nonsurgical hammertoe treatment include:

  • Footwear changes. In some cases, switching to shoes that are more comfortable and have additional room in the front can reduce the amount of pressure on the affected toe. At the very least, avoiding high-heeled footwear will certainly lessen the amount of pain you experience.
  • Shoe inserts. Depending on your case, we may prescribe orthotics or use pads to reposition the toe, which will relieve pressure and pain.
  • Stretches. If your toe is still flexible enough to do so, you may benefit from a stretching regimen. Our team will provide you with specific exercises that will keep the muscles and tendons in your toe as limber as possible.

It’s important to keep in mind that conservative hammertoe treatment options like these are most effective when the condition is caught early. If your hammertoe condition has been present for a long time, the odds are it has become rigid and less responsive to nonsurgical care.

No matter if your hammertoe will benefit from conservative treatment, or if surgery is the best course of action, you will be able to find the relief you need from our team at Premier Podiatry Group. For additional information about hammertoe treatment—or to request your appointment with our Ebensburg, PA podiatrist office—simply give us a call at (814) 472-2660. One of our friendly staff members will be glad to assist you with whatever you need!