Advanced Treatments – Which Are Right for You?


The best treatments we can provide at Premier Podiatry Group are those that bring the most effective results to our patients with as few risks and inconveniences as possible. In other words, we want you feeling better sooner, and with less to worry about!

In many cases, more traditional forms of treatment – such as rest, cold therapy, stretching, etc. – will lead to an effective recovery. There may be cases, however, when a more advanced form of treatment may be necessary or preferred.

We are proud to provide several forms of advanced treatment to our patients when they are needed. These treatments incorporate newer technologies, often promoting greater, longer-lasting pain relief or accelerating the healing process. In some cases, the use of an advanced treatment has prevented the need for surgery!

What Are the Options for Advanced Foot & Ankle Treatment?

We will review some of the advanced forms of treatment we provide here, and when they might be recommended.

It’s important to note before we begin, though, that every patient has different needs and circumstances surrounding their condition. We will not always recommend a certain form of treatment in every situation; only once we have a thorough understanding of what’s going on will we ever make treatment recommendations.

We will always happily answer any questions you may have about specific treatments and why we might recommend (or not recommend) them, though, so never hesitate to ask.

Multiwave Locked System (MLS) Laser Therapy

Pain relief from a laser? It’s true!

MLS laser therapy uses light energy to stimulate positive responses at the site of an injury or soft tissue damage. These benefits can include:

  • Accelerated cellular growth and tissue repair
  • Increased blood flow to the area (including the creation of new capillaries to better serve cells)
  • Reduction of pain transmission
  • Improved immune function

The system uses a pair of lasers set at specific frequencies to stimulate these responses. They are able to reach the area in need of attention, but are not at an intensity that will cause burning or other damage. Most patients just report feeling a warming sensation.

We may recommend MLS laser therapy for patients who are seeking faster recovery from a soft tissue injury, which includes many common foot and ankle sports injuries

However, we might also recommend this treatment for patients who have been experiencing chronic pain. Laser therapy has not only seen results in accelerating the cellular repair process, but also in “restarting” cellular repair after it has slowed or stopped. A course of laser therapy treatments can serve as a “kickstart” that helps the body recover from the source of that chronic pain for good.

mls laser therapy


When the source of foot or ankle pain comes from flat or misaligned feet – and more conservative treatments such as stretching and changes in footwear are not enough – HyProCure might be recommended to provide a permanent source of relief.

HyProCure is a minor surgical procedure in which a titanium stent is inserted into the natural cavity that exists between the ankle and the heel. The incision required for this implant is tiny, and the stent itself does not have to be screwed into the bone. It fits naturally into the cavity, where scar tissue will hold it in place.

The HyProCure stent provides stability and realignment to your foot structure, which can eliminate the source of excess force and strain that is at the root of chronic pain. This can help patients find relief and regain or maintain mobility – all with a stent that is made to last.

What is the Best Course of Treatment for You?

Remember that we will not always recommend advanced treatments. If a simpler form of treatment has a good chance of providing the results you need, it is often better to begin with that instead.

But before we recommend any course of action, we must first take the time to conduct a full evaluation and learn more from you about how your symptoms affect your life. Our mission will always be to provide treatment that best meets your individual needs, and helps you get back to doing the things you love as quickly and as safely as possible.

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